Peacock swagger. Yardbird pricing.

Peacock swagger. Yardbird pricing.



25+ Years


swag·ger ˈswaɡər/ 

noun: swagger
. a very confident and typically arrogant or aggressive gait or manner. "they strolled around the camp with an exaggerated swagger"

synonyms: strut; confidence, arrogance, ostentation "a slight swagger in his stride" bluster, braggadocio, bumptiousness, vainglory; 
informalswank "he was full of swagger"

Giving businesses both small and large the swagger they need to excel in today’s global marketplace is our top priority.  So, how might a company gain such confidence and "swagger"? By putting their best image in the limelight through affordable, smart, and attainable design and marketing solutions. A positive, fun-loving approach to the creative process is the glue that binds Meadowlark Creative to its clients, so that together, we can conceive and execute the very best design solutions to help grow their business.

Meadowlark Creative specializes in print collateral, print and online advertising, social media and email marketing, editorial design, photography and video direction and styling, photo shoot management, and responsive web design. An extensive knowledge of the creative process and a strong understanding of the importance of setting reasonable deadlines have been key to our success, but building strong relationships with clients and sharing an undying passion for great design are what set Meadowlark Creative apart from other firms.

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Mr. David Stephens

PrimeTime Sports

Carrie is a critical contributor to the success of our business.  Everyday, she brings her special energy and creative gifts to help us better tell the PrimeTime story, no matter the medium.  Beyond her creative genius, the most special skill she brings is that she listens; listens to what we want, what we need, and the message to be shared, while always challenging us to expand our view and how we can more effectively engage our customers.

Mr. Derek Dusek

VYPE High School Sports

Carrie is really super. She is so super she once worked for a company called Superfly Studios.

Mr. Lane Patterson

10x People

Carrie and Meadowlark Creative are exactly what 10x People needed. She is aggressive and super sharp, but professional enough to put out a product that plays in our old school marketplace. I knew we found a gem the first time we used her stuff, and the customer couldn’t stop complimenting the look. Our team doesn’t hesitate to lean on Carrie, which is a first for 10x.



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